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Listening Exercise (4)-Part (B)
Part (B) How to Answer 🔸 Listening file ကို အရင်ဖွင့်ပြီး နားထောင်ပါ 🔸 Listening audio ရှေ့ဆုံးတွင် မေးခွန်းအကြောင်း ရှင်းပြသံကြားရမည် 🔸 Test audio စမည့် အချိန်တွင် ‘တီ’ ဟု အသံကြားရမည် 🔸 မေးခွန်းတစ်ခုစီရှေ့တွင် 15 seconds မေးခွန်းဖတ်ချိန်ရပါသည် 🔸 Test audio စသည်နှင့် မေးခွန်းများကို တစ်ပြိုင်နက် လိုက်ဖြေပါ 🔸 Multiple Choice မေးခွန်းများကို  (A, B, or C) မှန်ရာတစ်ခုကို ရွေး၍ ဖြေဆိုရပါမည် 🔸 အဖြေများကို ရွေးပြီးလျှင် Check နှင့် Show Solution ... Read more Listening Exercise (4)-Part (B)



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  1. 1. agonising pain- Agonizing means filled with or resulting in agony—extreme pain or suffering, especially the kind that lasts for a long time. A close synonym is excruciating. Agony can be physical or emotional, and things that are agonizing can involve physical or emotional pain.
    2. searing pain- She felt a searing pain in her foot.
    3. stabbing pain- I was experiencing stabbing pains in my stomach.
    4. sharp pain – Aortic dissection—in a small percentage of people who suffer sharp, chest pains.
    5. splitting pain – A splitting headache can have many different causes. Migraine, cluster, and tension headaches are examples of primary headaches.

  2. pain collocation
    1. lasting for a long/short time: acute, chronic, constant, persistent
    2. very bad: agonizing, excruciating, extreme, much, severe, terrible, unbearable
    The pain was excruciating.
    3.not bad: mild, moderate, slight
    Paracetemol should be the first choice for mild pain.
    4.intense: burning, intense, searing, sharp, stabbing
    I feel a sharp pain in the side of my arm.
    5. Verbs frequently used with pain
    reduce pain: alleviate, control, decrease, dull, ease, lessen, reduce, relieve, soothe, treat
    Soon after injury, an ice bag may be applied to relieve pain and swelling.
    cause pain: cause, inflict
    Possibly nothing inflicts more intense pain than fire.
    feel pain: endure, experience, feel, suffer
    He suddenly felt a terrific pain in his head as though a nail had been driven into it.
    help to prevent pain: eliminate, minimize
    Hypnosis can be used to minimize the pain of dental surgery.

    6. Nouns frequently used after pain
    control of pain: control, management, relief
    Advice may need to be sought from the pain management team.
    tolerance of pain: threshold, tolerance
    There is considerable variation in individual pain thresholds.
    medicine for pain: medication, meds INFORMAL
    Over-the-counter pain medications are recommended to relieve minor pain from tension headache.

    Other nouns/adjectives/verbs frequently used with pain
    aches, discomfort, distress, suffering
    People with epilepsy say that they do not experience pain or distress before or when they have seizures.

  3. 1. a slight but continuous pain: dull pain
    2. a short but severe pain: sharp pain
    3. a pain that gets stronger and then weaker, in a steady continuous beat: throbbing pain
    4. pain that you suffer for long periods of time: chronic pain
    5. very severe pain: excruciating pain
    6. a pain that you feel all the time: nagging pain
    7. another word for bad pain: terrible pain
    8. a severe pain that goes from one part of your body to another: shooting pain


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